Sound of Value

Sound of Value


MDF, coaxial loudspeakers

DVD player

part I – [4’00]

Economy is one of the most important principles in modern society. The relationship between countries influences the exchange rate: The balance of power is directly reflected by means of the exchange rate. The chart, which represents the movement of the rate is used as musical score and then acoustically transformed.

Coins, which are made of diverse materials, were dropped onto grounds of different materials e.g. metal or wood. These diverse “coin-dropping” sounds were recorded and edited as audio samples. Connection between the tonal Perception and the curve shape from the correlation of currencies, e.g. EUR – USD, JPY – USD, was the basis for the whole composition These each relationship with two currencies forms a track and became a part of whole composition with ten channels.

The loudspeakers for the ten-channel installation were shaped like “piggy bank”. Through the combination of auditory and visual elements, the issue of the monetary value is ironically and amusingly represented.

Text & concept: In partnership with Renata Padovan

all rights reserved / satoshi morita 2008-2017